Friday, January 1, 2016

Focus Projects for January 2016

It is the first day of the new year and, therefore, it is the first day of my new goals.  One of my big goals for 2016 is to choose three focus projects each month: one personal, one gift, and one to sell. 

Here are my focus projects for January 2016.

Personal Project:  Alicia Legwarmers
I got these super cute shoes for my birthday this year and I love wearing them. 
The only problem is that I like to wear leggings and socks under my skirts in winter and they rarely match.  These shoes, while absolutely adorable, are not tall enough to hide the transition between my mismatched socks and leggings.  At first I thought boot cuffs might be the answer, but again I think the shoes are not quite tall enough to hold a cuff in place, so I am going to try legwarmers.  This pattern looks easy; I might even be able to make multiple pairs in different colors.

Gift Project: Necklace
Ok, I am sorry, but I cannot post a picture of the necklace I am planning to make because the person I am making it for sometimes reads this blog.  The necklace will be my own design, based on one I saw in a store a little over a year ago.  Pictures will be posted once it has been delivered to the recipient :)

To Sell Project:  Wips
I have a number of wips that I started making in order to sell.  The plan for this month is to complete a few of these wips and add them to my stock.  One of these projects is the Loopy Infinity Scarf that I started in February 2014.

I will post my progress on these focus projects at the end of the month and will post FOs as they are completed.  I am really looking forward to choosing focus projects each month and hope it will make me more productive and force me to actually complete some projects once in a while.  

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