Sunday, January 24, 2016

Weekly Wrap-up (January 24, 2016)

A new feature on the blog:  Every week I am going to share a quick update on my week.

Blog Posts
A Peek in my Art Journal:  This is the 11th time that I have posted this link-up opportunity
FO: Alicia Legwarmers:  My second FO of the year is my favorite so far.

Interesting Stuff I Found on the Internet
Starting a handmade gift closet - this post could not have come at a better time for me.  I have decided that everyone gets a handmade gift this year and I made a goal to have all birthday gifts delivered on time.  Unfortunately, I am already failing at this.  Today is my BIL's birthday, and his gift is still sitting in my house.  Ooops!  Oh well, I will send it tomorrow; it's not too late.  I hope that having a gift closet will help me get more gifts sent on time.

Most Popular Instagram Post
A picture of my cat got the most likes this week.  She is 17 years old and diabetic, and such a cutie.
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Link-ups I Participated in
I added my Week 2 & 3 photos to the Journal 52 Facebook Group

How did your week go?

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