Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stitch of the Week: Single Crochet

Welcome to the first installment of my new feature:  Stitch of the Week!  This week, I am focusing on a basic crochet stitch, single crochet.  This is the first stitch in Volume 4 of the Vogue Stitchionary.  

Sample Info
Hook:  H
Yarn:  Red Heart SuperSaver
Beginning Chain:  13
Gauge:  1 inch = 4.5 stitches, 5 rows

Single Crochet is a basic stitch, but it is very versatile.  It can be used in a variety of projects, from washcloths to amigurumi.

Here are some projects using single crochet:

Circle Scarf


Single Crochet Beanie

Single Crochet Mini Bag

Here is a video that leads you through the single crochet stitch and beginning a washcloth.
The Crochet Guru also has a left-handed video and a picture tutorial.

What have you made with single crochet?

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Musings: Introducing the Stitch of the Week

For the last few years, I have been collecting the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary books.  I even have volume 4, the volume of crochet stitches.  The books are beautiful and a great resource.  
I find these books very inspiring, and recently they inspired me to start a new feature on this blog.
 Each week I will be presenting a stitch of the week, some knitting, some crochet.  I will create a swatch using the stitch and will link to tutorials or create my own video or picture tutorial on how to use the stitch.  Come back tomorrow for the first stitch of the week.  I hope you enjoy this new feature.