Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015 WIP Wednesday #2 (late)

So about two days before my BIL's birthday, I decided that this year I want to give everyone a handmade gift, so I started crocheting a Brain Waves hat.  When I got to the last round, I put the hat on my head, and it was too small and too short.  I ripped the whole thing back and started a new hat.  This time I started knitting Christian's Hat.  I love the pattern.  It's totally reversible.
I am knitting in Cubs' colors because, well, he loves the Cubs.  Makes sense, right?  The next family birthday is three days from now.  I guess everyone is getting late birthday gifts this year :)

What are you making this week?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Tamara's Kismet Square

Linking up with Freshly Finished Friday.
  Last night I finished the first square of the Moogly 2015 Afghan CAL!

Hook:  I hook
Yarn:  Random yard sale yarn

This square was a lot of fun to crochet.  The Jacob's Ladder stitch was new to me and made the square really interesting.  I know there are a few errors in my square (I had problems finding the ch2 space after the first border of Jacob's Ladder) but I love it just the way it is.  I am not sure yet if all my squares will be solid colors or not.  Probably depends on my yarn situation :)

What did you make this week?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015 WIP Wednesday #1

So many wips, so little time.  There is no way I could showcase all of my wips in this post.  There are way too would bore you.  So here are the wips I am working on this week.

The first square of the 2015 Moogly Afghan CAL
It's a very interesting square, just challenging enough.  I am pretty sure that I made a mistake in the last round, so I will be frogging a little and re-crocheting.  
February 2014, I gave my mom and sister each an IOU for a handmade item.  My mom asked for mittens, and I chose this pattern.  The yarn is just perfect, and the cables are beautiful.  I had to adjust the size a little, but I think this pair of mittens could be finished before her 2015 birthday :)
A hat for my nephew
It will eventually be a monster with an eye and teeth and stuff. 

What are you working on this week?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Booby Coozy (NSFW)

Pattern:  Booby Coozy
Hook: H
Yarn:  Random stash acrylic
Adjustments:  Added a round of Hdc to the base and added 6 rounds to the body.

This pattern is so hilarious!  My husband did not know how to react when I gave him the first booby coozy.  He immediately requested two more to give as gifts.  And so the booby coozy sisters were born.
I took them to the river one day to catch some sun.
One of the sisters decided to bare it all.
But they got bored pretty quickly and decided to leave.
I haven't been able to split the three of them up just yet.  I might have to make more just to give the gifts :)

Have you ever made this pattern?  What did you think?

Friday, January 9, 2015

Hat and Headbands

Pattern:  Really Warm Hat
Needle:  Size 15 circular and Size 11 DPNs
Yarn:  Loops and Thread Country Loom in the color Falling Leaves
I knit this for my godmother who is going through another round of chemo.  I had previously made one of these hats for a friend, and she loved how soft it was and that it is seamless.  Naked heads can be very sensitive.  I actually finished this hat in October, but it took me a while to complete the rest of the care package.
Hook:  H
Yarn:  Vanna's Choice
My mom mentioned that my godmother was also looking for some earwarmer headbands.  She had a picture of one with a sparkly accessory on it, so I picked  up my crochet hook and some scrap yarn and whipped up this pretty headband.  I love the v stitch pattern.  I found the sparklys at JoAnn's and sewed them on.

Hook:  H
Yarn:  Random Acrylic Yarn
Same pattern but different yarn.  It looks like a completely different headband.
I packaged it all up with a Burt's Bees gift set and mailed it to her.  

Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year's Resolutions 2015

This post is difficult for me to write.  This year was busy, stressful, and overwhelming at times.  My husband went back to school, I took on new responsibilities at work, and, well, we have an old, diabetic cat.  I did not complete one of my crafty New Year's Resolutions for the year, so I am going to try again.  This year, I am taking the same 6 resolutions and giving them a second chance.  Here's to a year of more craft and less stress.

Crafty Resolutions for 2014 2015
1.  Post about my crafty progress on this blog at least twice a week.
2.  Continue my Year of Pinterest, trying a different pin from one of my Pinterest boards each month.
3.  Start my Etsy store.
4.  Complete Craft Yarn Council classes to become a knit and crochet instructor.
5.  Complete my Cedar Grain sweater and my Groovyghan, then start a skull shawl.
6.  Take care of myself (floss, moisturize, exercise, eat well, etc.)

Do you have any resolutions for the New Year?