Sunday, February 5, 2012


So I recently received my invitation to Pinterest. If you have not yet joined this website, proceed with caution. Pinterest is basically a website that allows you to create virtual pinboards. I was immediately intrigued at the possibilities. I saw some great potential for using this website to organize all the craft projects I had bookmarked on my computer, and I quickly discovered that this is a great use for Pinterest. I now have all my crafty inspiration and ideas and plans in one place. Organization is a new thing for me, so I was understandably excited.
I decided to get even more organized. I really like to read and keep lists of books that are recommended to me or that sound interesting. Recently I wanted to read a particular book that I recalled writing on one of my many lists, but I couldn't remember the title. I searched everywhere I could to find that list, but alas, it was nowhere to be found. Aha! Why not use Pinterest to organize all these ideas too. A whole virtual pinboard to help me remember all the books I want to read. Another wonderful use for Pinterest.
Then, I found myself looking at other people's pins to find new inspiration, and all of a sudden, I am excited about things like nail art. I just have to wait for two of my nails to grow a little bit more and then I can start trying all of these creative designs. Who knew that I even cared about nail art? Not me, but now I am excited about buying some nail polish and going for it :)
So if you are a Pinterest addict like me, check out my boards and follow my progress as I organize my current projects and search for new inspiration.

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If you haven't tried Pinterest yet, proceed with caution. It is addicting, very, very addicting. Make sure you have lots of free time to dedicate to your new obsession: pinning!