Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Dishcloths

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Pattern:  Open Ridge Cloth
Hook: H
Yarn:  Lion Brand Cotton
Hook:  H
Yarn:  Lion Brand Cotton

We needed some new dishcloths, and I found some patterns through a group on Ravelry.  Now I want to make more.  They are so quick and easy to make.....and so satisfying when doing the dishes.

What are you working on?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Baby Blankets

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Pattern:  Star Blanket
Hook:  H
Yarn: Various stash yarn, acrylics and cotton blends

My sister recently had twin boys.  I am working on star blankets for them, one in green and one in blue.  I just started the green blanket recently and I am loving the color combination so far. 
The blue blanket is complete, except for all of the ends that need to be woven in.  My favorite part :)~
I added grey to both blankets because the boys' nursery is painted grey.  I think these are my new favorite baby blanket to make.
What are you working on this week?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Knitting with Pencils

Today, at work, I got a little stressed out and needed to unwind.  I knew I had yarn to play with in my art supply closet, so imagine how upset I was when I realized I didn't have knitting needles or a crochet hook with me :(  
Luckily, I did have some pencils :)
Yay!  Pencil knitting!

Just a simple 2x2 rib knit over 26 stitches.  Hopefully I will have enough of the yarn to make a scarf or cowl.

What's the weirdest thing you have knitted with?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Chemo Hats

I gave my former coworker Kim a hat when she was diagnosed with her second bout of cancer. She recently requested more stating that the hat is the only thing that is comfortable on her head. This yarn is so soft. I think it will be comfortable on her naked head.  Here's what I came up with.

Pattern: Really Warm Hat
Needles:  16 inch circular US 15 needles, US 11 DPNs
Yarn:  Loops and Thread Country Loom

Pattern:  Garter Brim Hat
Needles:  16 inch circular US 15 needles, US 11 DPNs
Yarn:  Loops and Thread Country Loom
I hope she likes them :)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WIP Wednesday: New Project Syndrome

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I have almost completed the two little baby sweaters.  I just need to add embellishments and weave in all my ends and they will be ready to mail out.  So, I am looking for a new project to start.

I already started the first of two star baby blankets.  All my baby gifts to my sister so far have a star theme.  
Image from
The pattern is from Bernat, and I am going to crochet the blankets using blues, greens and greys, mostly from stash yarn although I may need to buy some.

I really wanted to make myself a skull shawl before the Day of the Dead, but I won't have enough time this year.

I also really want to make myself a new cowl and I want to try crocodile stitch.
Image from
I think the two could work really well together.
What are you working on this week?

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Baby Sweaters

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I am ready to post some of my secret wips.

Pattern:  Baby's First Sweater
Yarn:  Caron Simply Soft
Needle:  US 8

These sweaters are for my sister's twins, due in December.  The blue one is unseamed, but this picture gives you a good idea of how the sweater knits up, in one piece.
The green one is seamed and is just waiting for the tie to be attached and for some ends to be woven in.
I plan to embellish each with an applique star crocheted in the same yarn as the tie.  I already gifted her hats and scarfs using the same yarns.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Year of Pinterest: Dotty Nails

A new school year means that I am ready to start a new project. I am calling this one:  Year of Pinterest.  Each month I plan to choose a project from one of my Pinterest boards and attempt it.  Wish me luck!

I decided to start with my nail art board.  Here is the inspiration pin.  It uses dots of nail polish to create flowers and decoration on each nail.  
Since I have never really tried nail art before, I decided to not try to create flowers yet.  Instead I wanted to practice creating the dots that will someday become flowers.  I think I was pretty successful.
Some of the dots are a little misshapen but I love it!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Top Secret WIPs

I know I have been missing from this blog for a while.  Summer break gets pretty busy for me.  Also, I have been working on some top secret WIPs.  I cannot reveal them until after they have been gifted.  You see, my sister is pregnant with twins, and I am creating some goodies for her baby shower in August.  I promise I will post pictures of all the cuteness later.  You might see pictures earlier if you are on Ravelry :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Andrea Mitts (FO Friday)

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Pattern:  Andrea Mitts
Needles:  Size 4 DPN
Yarn:  Random fingering weight from my stash

I have completed my test knit of the Andrea Mitts by Perfectioknits.
 The pattern is very clear and easy to read and is full of great details.
 Twisted rib, lace and bobble design and a picot bind off.  Overall a very fun pattern.
I can't wait to make another pair :)

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Groovin' all Summer Long

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Well, summer break has started but not a lot of crafting, or blogging, has been happening because of this guy.
I woke up one morning with a very swollen finger.  Having gone through a serious finger infection and surgery about three years ago, I immediately started to panic.  After visiting a bunch of doctors, ranging from urgent care to hand surgeon, the best guess is that it was an arthritis flare-up.  I am finally feeling ready to get back into my crafting and blogging.
This is how far I had gotten on the Groovyghan before the finger incident.  I plan to dig in today and continue making progress.  It's beginning to feel like it will take all summer to complete this guy, especially since I think I want to add two more panels than the pattern calls for :)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Andrea Mitts

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Today I started test knitting a project:  Andrea Mitts by Perfectio Knits.  I love how the twisted ribbing looks, and I really love this pink yarn!

Groovyghan is still groovin' in the background.  I have begun the final dot square, then onto more stripes!  So far, I am loving it.
To see what I am reading this week, visit my post here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Magical Rings Bracelet

Ravelry Project Page
Yarn:  DMC Embroidery Floss
Needles:  Size 1
I made this little bracelet for a challenge in the Weekly Mini Knit Alongs group on Ravelry.  It was a quick and easy project that kept my hands busy during some stressful days at work.  I don't love the bracelet, but it was fun to make :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

FO Friday: Rosie Headband

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I knit the Rosie Headband as part of a challenge in a Ravelry group.
It was knit with size 5 needles with random pink Craigslist yarn.
The group is Weekly Mini Knit Alongs and it is super fun.
Each challenge lasts one to two weeks.  
There are both crochet and knit patterns in each challenge.
I won this challenge with my hot pink headband.
I chose a jewelry theme, and the new challenge is now in full force.
There is still time to join in.
Hop over to the current mini ckal and join us!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Weekly WIPs are Groovy!

I know...I am late for WIP Wednesday, but I still want to participate. 

Here is my progress on the Groovyghan.
I am just about finished with the second section and have been weaving most of my ends in as I go.
 In the beading realm, I have started a bracelet. 
 I was inspired by a challenge on the Dover website and chose a pattern from one of their fair isle knitting books to use in a loom bracelet.
I also entered a coloring contest through the Dover website.  I will post pictures of my coloring sheets soon.

Hope you are enjoying your WIPs and remember to check out Tami's blog for more WIP fun.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Dreamcatcher Fence

This year we decided to make a more creative fence for our peas.  My husband built the basic structure with sticks from our curly willow.  Then he had a great idea for the strings.  Each section of the fence has a different pattern.  Some strings are vertical and some are horizontal.
 In the middle, my husband asked me to weave a dreamcatcher.  I used this website to learn the basic stitch and created a dreamcatcher fence.  I even added a bead and a feather like the site suggests.
 I think it turned out really well.
Hope the peas like it :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Shamrock (FO Friday)

A quick little project this week.  I like doing quick projects while slowly working on my Groovyghan.

Pattern:  One piece crochet shamrock
Hook:  G
Yarn:  Random and green :)

Tomorrow I am going to buy a St. Patrick's Day card and send it to my grandpa.

PS.  I have another FO, but I can't show it yet because it is a surprise :)

ETA:  Forgot to link to Tami's.  Ooops.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Baby Hats! (FO Friday)

Pattern:  Baby Newsie Hat
Yarn:  Nature's Choice Organic Cotton
Hook:  K
Flower Pattern:  Zinnia
Yarn:  Nature's Choice Organic Cotton and an unknown yarn
Hook:  H
I think this may be my new favorite flower pattern :)
Yarn:  Vanna's Choice and Nature's Choice Organic Cotton
Hook:  H
These hats were so much fun to make, and so quick.  My mom ordered them for a friend's new baby.
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Keep Knitting or Frog and Start Over??

Not much crafting happened this past weekend as I spent most of my time lying on the floor trying to heal my aching back, so I am asking for some advice this WIP Wednesday.  I have decided that I want to complete this sweater which has been hibernating for over a year.  I would love to just pick up where I left off and continue knitting, but I am worried that my gauge may have changed.
So what do you think?  Should I try just continuing from where I stopped or is it better to frog the whole thing and start over to make sure I still have gauge??

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday: A Little Progress

I made a little progress on my Groovyghan this week.  One more square and this strip will be complete.
I also made a little progress on my fuzzy cat.  Now it only needs eyes, nose and whiskers.  I have to hide it away because it freaks both me and my husband out.  We keep thinking it's our real kitty :)
Also, I started another owl hat.  My mom requested this one for a friend's baby girl.  I will hopefully be mailing it this weekend.
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