Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Free Pattern: Palm Tree Washcloth

My parents bought a condo in Florida a few years ago, and we all traveled there for Spring Break.  I wanted to bring a housewarming gift, and my first thought was beach-themed washcloths.  I planned on knitting the last washcloth on the plane but somehow I completely forgot to download or print the pattern.  I still wanted to knit one more cloth, so I used an app on my Ipad to quickly sketch a palm tree on a desert island on graph paper.  I used that simple drawing as my pattern and came up with this washcloth.  
Palm Tree Washcloth (a free pattern)

Yarn:  Lily Sugar'n Cream Stripes (I used Sunkissed)
Needle: US #7

CO 41 st.
Rows 1-4: (K1, P1) Repeat to last st., K1

Rows 5-7: (K1, P1)x2, K to last 4 st., (P1, K1)x2

Row 8:  (K1, P1)x2, K2, P17, K14, (P1, K1)x2
Row 9 and all odd rows: (K1, P1)x2, P to last 4 st., (P1, K1)x2
Row 10:  (K1, P1)x2, K2, P17, K14, (P1, K1)x2
Row 12:  (K1, P1)x2, K3, P15, K15, (P1, K1)x2
Row 14:  (K1, P1)x2, K4, P13, K16, (P1, K1)x2

Row 16:  (K1, P1)x2, K5, P11, K17, (P1, K1)x2
Row 18:  (K1, P1)x2, K7, P7, K19, (P1, K1)x2
Row 20:  (K1, P1)x2, K9, P4, K20, (P1, K1)x2
Row 22:  (K1, P1)x2, K10, P4, K19, (P1, K1)x2

Row 24:  (K1, P1)x2, K11, P4, K12, P1, K5, (P1, K1)x2
Row 26:  (K1, P1)x2, K12, P4, K10, P2, K5, (P1, K1)x2
Row 28:  (K1, P1)x2, K13, P4, K8, P2, K6,(P1, K1)x2
Row 30:  (K1, P1)x2, K14, P4, K6, P3, K6, (P1, K1)x2

Row 32:  (K1, P1)x2, K15, P4, K4, P3, K5, P1, K1, (P1, K1)x2
Row 34:  (K1, P1)x2, K16, P4, K1, P4, K4, P2, K2, (P1, K1)x2
Row 36:  (K1, P1)x2, K17, P8, K3, P3, K2, (P1, K1)x2
Row 38:  (K1, P1)x2, K17, P6, K2, P5, K3, (P1, K1)x2

Row 40:  (K1, P1)x2, K6, P23, K4, (P1, K1)x2
Row 42:  (K1, P1)x2, K8, P19, K6, (P1, K1)x2
Row 44:  (K1, P1)x2, K9, P11, K13, (P1, K1)x2
Row 46:  (K1, P1)x2, K12, P6, K15, (P1, K1)x2

Row 48:  (K1, P1)x2, K to last 4 st., (P1, K1)x2

Rows 50-53:  (K1, P1) Repeat to last st., K1

This is the first pattern I have published, so if you try it and find any errors, please let me know.  Feel free to sell any finished products made using this pattern but please do not publish the pattern as your own.  Enjoy!

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