Monday, September 29, 2008

Beautiful Socks

I finished my socks last night, and I love them. They are so warm and comfy. I cannot wait for the cooler weather, so I can wear them. And the colors are fabulous. Some of the stripes even match up perfectly, completely by accident :)
I used the Hedera pattern from Knitty. The lace pattern was pretty easy to memorize. I did drop a few stitches and have a few difficulties, but I think I fixed all the mistakes. I knit the socks with Read Heart Heart and Sole sock yarn in Congo. I was really pleasantly surprised by the yarn, considering it is Red Heart, but really I would have a hard time justifying buying some of the sock yarn I see in stores. $20 a ball....that's a little more than I want to spend on a pair of socks! I used size 3 dpns to knit the socks.
These were really fun to knit and so portable. I am really proud of my first socks.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cool Movies

I love to watch movies, but I always wait to rent them on dvd, as I cannot justify the outrageous prices at the theater. This weekend, I saw The Forbidden Kingdom. I love Jackie Chan and Jet Li, so this movie was an obvious choice for me. It was awesome. I really enjoyed it. Great fight scenes, interesting storyline. Love it!

The week before, I saw The Fall. Wow!! This movie is so visually stimulating. I loved it. The storyline is great, and the characters are all so interesting. I tried to knit while watching, but I could not. So much visual interest....the colors....the effects.....the optical illusions. Love it!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Beginning of the Sock

I officially started my sock the day before yesterday. Here is my progress so far. I love the colors!! And the lace pattern is really cool, although you cannot see it in this picture :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pissed Off!!!

So I am getting ready to knit a pair of socks for a Ravelry challenge. I bought the yarn, I printed out the pattern, and I thought I was ready to go. Unfortunately, the dpns I have are the wrong size. My two local knitting supply stores are Fred Meyer and JoAnn's. No LYS. Neither of them carry the size needle that I need! I am pissed off once again. This town is a very annoying place to live as a knitter. I have a very limited selection of yarns and a very limited selection of needles. The closest LYS is over a half an hour away in another town!! Urgh!!! Now I don't know when I will start my socks :(

Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, I have completed my first week at school, and I am exhausted. But I love it. :) I am excited about the year ahead.

I have decided to try a sock challenge on Ravelry, and I will be beginning my first sock tomorrow. I am assured that it will be easy, fun, and possibly addicting. Like I am not already addicted to knitting!

This school year, I will be doing some charity knitting, and I am encouraging my students to join me. I am hoping to get some of them to participate and help me knit/crochet squares for a blanket for Project Linus. I am also hoping to start a local craft circle. This week, I will be making a flier to post around town. I hope that there are like-minded people in town who will join me at a cafe once a week to knit, crochet, bead, or whatever. Fun, fun, fun :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Crochet Success

Ta da!!! My amigurumi chicken is finished. Here is a picture of him sitting with his little chicky friends. The pattern called for pipe cleaner legs, but I crocheted his little feet. I used felt for his eyes and bill.

The crochet is a little loose. He is by no means perfect. I think I may have used too big of a hook? But I still think he is very cute :) He is my first completed crochet project. Yippee!!

Then, I decided to try some granny squares. I call them Autumn Sunflowers. I got the pattern from a Better Homes and Gardens book. I think they will end up as a very cool project when they are assembled into something. Right now I am thinking of a granny square bag. Hmmm....