Friday, September 5, 2008


Well, I have completed my first week at school, and I am exhausted. But I love it. :) I am excited about the year ahead.

I have decided to try a sock challenge on Ravelry, and I will be beginning my first sock tomorrow. I am assured that it will be easy, fun, and possibly addicting. Like I am not already addicted to knitting!

This school year, I will be doing some charity knitting, and I am encouraging my students to join me. I am hoping to get some of them to participate and help me knit/crochet squares for a blanket for Project Linus. I am also hoping to start a local craft circle. This week, I will be making a flier to post around town. I hope that there are like-minded people in town who will join me at a cafe once a week to knit, crochet, bead, or whatever. Fun, fun, fun :)

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