Thursday, January 21, 2016

Peek in My Art Journal Link-up #11

This week I have three new pages to share.

The first page is my first attempt at drawing realistic eyes.  I used a Youtube video by Art ala Carte as a guide.  I think some of them turned out really well.  The second one from the top is not great, in my opinion.  
This second page is a collage of things I am welcoming into my life this year, things I am saying yes to.  I did not look for specific words.  I just tore out the words that I found in magazines that called to me.  Looking forward to some red carpet treatment :)
 Project 52: Week 3
David Bowie died.  I was looking for a way to remember him when this prompt came along.  The lyric that kept singing in my head was, "...under the moonlight, the serious moonlight..."  I decided to use the opportunity to practice my new eye-drawing skills, but forgot to pay attention to any other anatomy.  I still really like it.

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