Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Tips and Tricks: Temperature Scarf

With a new year approaching, I am already thinking of interesting projects to start, so when I saw a recent post by Underground Crafter about her temperature scarf, I was enthralled.  I immediately did a quick search of FOs on Ravelry.  Just look at some of the beautiful results that I found:
The temperature scarf is a project that involves knitting or crocheting one row or motif every day based on the low/high temperatures.  By the end of the year, you have a unique project that records a year of weather history.  Knitters and crocheters have interpreted this idea in so many ways: cowls, hats, blankets, etc.  It is amazing to me how the random color combinations work so well together.

If you are thinking about starting a project like this, Marie from Underground Crafter offers some great tips:

*Choose your project carefully.  Different project and stitch combinations should be considered carefully to make sure they go well together.

*Choose yarns with similar care instructions.  She even suggests choosing yarns from the same company because the colors tend to go together better.

*Create a color key.  Once you decide on a project and yarn colors, create a key of which yarn colors correspond with which temperature ranges.  

Most importantly, Marie reminds us to not give up.  While it may be overwhelming to crochet/knit one row every day, it might be easier to complete 30 rows at the end of each month.

Have you ever tried a temperature project?
Will you try one this year?

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