Thursday, October 29, 2015

Peek in My Art Journal: Link up #5

This first page was created in response to a prompt from a book that I borrowed through Amazon Prime, Mindful Mandalas by Dawn Summerall.  The symbols and colors used are supposed to inspire confidence.  It turned out a little wonky, but overall I like it.
This page was inspired by Wheel of Fortune.  I don't usually watch Wheel but recently ended up watching an episode.  The very first puzzle was "Witches casting spells," and I was immediately inspired to create this page.  I did a Google image search as inspiration and started sketching.  I used my new favorite pen, Pentel Finito X-tra fine point, to complete the image.
This last page was inspired by this week's Supernatural episode(I love that show!!).  Again I used my Pentel Finito pen for this page.

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