Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Tuesday Tips and Tricks: New Year's Goals

Most of us have heard the following quote:

...but I really like plans and goals.  They give me a purpose, something to reach and work for.  Every year I make goals for different areas of my life and I post them on my blogs for everyone to see.  I work all year on those goals: some I achieve and some I do not.

The past two years I have not met any of my crafty goals.  I believe that there are three reasons for not reaching my goals: 
1. They are not specific.
2. They are not attainable.
3. There is no plan to achieve the goal.

For example, one of my goals for 2014 and 2015 was "Start an Etsy store."  It sounds like a great goal.  Lots of people have done it before me.  It should be easy.  Unfortunately, the goal is not specific and has no plan attached.  I need to answer a lot of questions and do a lot of planning before I can actually start an Etsy store.  For one thing, I need stock to sell.

Another goal of mine was to complete a sweater, an afghan, and a skull shawl while also completing all the other projects that I pick up throughout a year.  That goal is unattainable for me, and I know it.

It's funny... at work I set attainable and specific goals using the SMART goal formula.  

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Attainable
R = Relevant
T = Time-bound

Going through the 5 parts of a SMART goal forces you to create a plan to help you achieve the goal.  This year I will be using the SMART goal formula when setting my New Year's goals.

Here are my goals for 2016:
1.  Each month, choose three projects to focus on: one personal, one gift, one to sell
I do not have to complete the three projects in one month.  I just want to focus on three specific projects each month.  Hopefully this will help me to build up stock for a future Etsy store or future craft fairs while also allowing me to gift handmade items throughout the year.  I am also hoping this will help me finish some projects instead of just continually starting new projects.

2.  Each month, choose one project from my Pinterest boards
When I am choosing the projects I want to focus on each month, I will consult my Pinterest boards.  I have been collecting ideas for gifts, for myself, and for items to sell for years now.  Now it is time to follow through with some of those plans.

3.  Each week, stick to my blogging schedule: Tuesday Tips and Tricks, Thursday Peek in my Art Journal, Friday FO
I have been following this schedule for a little while now and I like it.  It is not too much and it gives me opportunities to build community and share my crafty experiences.

4.  Teach a crochet class
I am working on the Craft Yarn Council Crochet Instructor Program and have been student teaching.  I am now looking forward to putting my new knowledge into practice.  I plan to approach my local yarn store about teaching a beginning crochet class.  If that does not work out, I will approach other local organizations and groups.  I want to teach.

5.  Send all birthday gifts on time
I have a very bad habit... I am almost always late with birthday gifts, like months late.  This year I want everyone to receive their gifts on time, hopefully with something handmade included.  

My word for the year is... Achieve.  I will achieve all the goals :)

Have you made goals for 2016?  Have you made SMART goals?

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