Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Monthly Check-in (February)

Most Popular Blog Post
February Focus Projects - The sad thing is that I didn't finish any of these projects.

Most Popular Instagram Photo
One of my samples for the CYC Crochet Instructor Program
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Challenges and Link-ups I Participated in
Creative Every Day 2016 - I participate on Instagram
Project 365(366) - I take a picture every day and post it on Instagram
Month of Letters - I didn't send a letter every day, but I did send about 10 and received 3 replies!  Such a fun challenge!

February Focus Projects

Year-long Goals Progress
1.  Each month, choose three projects to focus on: one personal, one gift, one to sell
I chose three projects.  I did not really focus on those projects.  I did not start any others :)

2.  Each month, choose one project from my Pinterest boards
I did not make progress on this goal this month.

3.  Each week, stick to my blogging schedule: Tuesday Tips and Tricks, Thursday Peek in my Art Journal, Friday FO
I took a 3 week break from the blog this month.  I lacked motivation, and my eyes were hurting.

4.  Teach a crochet class
No progress yet.

5.  Send all birthday gifts on time
Two birthday gifts were gifted on time.  One is still late :( but it's my mom.  She will understand.

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