Thursday, March 3, 2016

A Peek in My Art Journal: Link-up #13

I started a series of drawing lessons on Youtube.  This is the result of lesson #1 of Start Drawing with Paul Priestly.
 My response to the Diva Challenge #256:  Duotangle with Boo Kee and Artoo.
 My response to Diva Challenge #253:  Molygon
 My second drawing lesson with Paul Priestly on Youtube


LezliB said...

Your Diva challenge Zentangle tiles are done very nicely. The touch of color in the Boo*Kee and Artoo piece adds just enough spark to the drawing and your Molygon drawing is so unique with the Tipple flowing back and forth between them. Your drawings from the Paul Priestly course are coming along nicely as well. Thank you for sharing your art!

Loca4crafts said...

Thank you, LezliB. I appreciate your kind words.