Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Resolutions 2014

Another new year and once again it is time to review my resolutions from the past year and post my new goals for the coming year.  Always a fun time :)

Crafty Resolutions for 2013
1.  Start my Etsy shop and do some craft fairs
Yeah, this one did not happen.  I will continue to dream and work on this goal in 2014.
2.  Work on branding my blogs
I think I have made some progress on this goal.  I have decided on a schedule for both my craft and writing blog.  I will continue to work on this goal as my brand becomes more clear.
3.  Diet and exercise
This goal actually went pretty well. I started doing short 15 minute workouts before work 4 times a week, I got a new road bike and biked much more, and I counted calories through the majority of the year. ☺
4.  Try more new things, especially designing.
I did try some designing this year (Dobby for example), I tried nail art, and did some test-knitting.  ☺
5.  Participate in WIP Wednesday, FO Friday and Ravelry challenges
I participated in all three of these regular events and had a blast doing it.  ☺

Overall, it was a great year.  Now onto this year....

Crafty Resolutions for 2014
1.  Post about my crafty progress on this blog at least twice a week.
2.  Continue my Year of Pinterest, trying a different pin from one of my Pinterest boards each month.
3.  Start my Etsy store.
4.  Complete Craft Yarn Council classes to become a knit and crochet instructor.
5.  Complete my Cedar Grain sweater and my Groovyghan, then start a skull shawl.
6.  Take care of myself (floss, moisturize, exercise, eat well, etc.)

What are your goals for the new year?

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