Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WIP Wednesday: V-Stitch Fingerless Mitts

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This week, I have been working on a few different projects.  I finished a pair of bike helmet ear warmers which I will post for FO Friday.  I have continued working on my Groovyghan, and I started a pair of V-stitch fingerless mitts.

These are for a co-worker.  She wanted a pair of these mitts in our high school colors, red and blue.  I think they are turning out very nice :)
I think they should be finished by Friday.


Trekky said...

Those mitts look great, I really like how the colours work together.

Loca4crafts said...

Thank you. I agree, the colorsare working well together.

Elisabeth Andree said...

Pretty mitts and very nice to wear:)

Loca4crafts said...

Thank you.