Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Another new year is upon us which means it is time to review my resolutions from last year and make new resolutions for this new year.  Here are my resolutions from last year.

Resolutions for 2012
1. Read more than 33 books
I read 35 books this year.  I will post more details soon.  :)

2. Start my Etsy shop
Another year has gone by without meeting this goal :(

3. Finish my novel
Two novels started.  Neither one is complete yet :(

4. Complete my sweater (only needs sleeves :) should be easy)
I completed the Swirl. :)

5. Diet and exercise
This was a failure again.  I really need to make this a priority :(

6. Try new things
I tried knitting with large needles and bulky yarn which I love.  I also tried mosaic knitting :)

7. Start playing the guitar again
I failed on this one :(

8. Blog more frequently
I have been blogging more frequently on all of my blogs :)

I achieved 50% of my resolutions.  Not too bad.  Now it's time to make some new ones.

Resolutions for 2013
1.  Read more of the classics.
2.  Start my Etsy shop and do some craft fairs
3.  Work on branding my blogs
4.  Complete first draft of my novels (no NaNo this year)
5.  Diet and exercise
6.  Try more new things, especially designing.
7.  Participate in WIP Wednesday, FO Friday and Ravelry challenges

Do you have resolutions this year?  Happy New Year!


Elisabeth Andree said...

Happy 2013 Lisa!
How good of you to have done so many resolutions! Your resolutions for this year look promising! I didn't make any for this year (or last year) :)

Loca4crafts said...

I love making resolutions. It's nice to realize what I have accomplished at the end of the year.