Monday, February 1, 2016

Monthly Check-in

Most Popular Blog Post
Peek in my Sketchbook #9 was my most viewed and commented on post this month.  It was linked up with three different challenges which probably helped bring more visitors to my site.  

Most Popular Instagram Photo
My most popular Instagram photo this month was my cat with a beer.  
A photo posted by Lisa (@lalocadesigns) on

Challenges and Link-ups I Participated in
Journal 52
Creative Every Day 2016 - I participate on Instagram
Art Journal Journey
Project 365(366) - I take a picture every day and post it on Instagram
Diva Challenge 249 and 252

January Focus Projects
Personal Project: Alicia Legwarmers
Gift Project:  Necklace
It's not done yet :(

Business Project:  Complete the projects
I'm still working on this one, but I did get started.

Year-long Goals Progress
1.  Each month, choose three projects to focus on: one personal, one gift, one to sell
I chose three projects.  I focused on those projects.  I did not start any others :)

2.  Each month, choose one project from my Pinterest boards
I did not make progress on this goal this month.

3.  Each week, stick to my blogging schedule: Tuesday Tips and Tricks, Thursday Peek in my Art Journal, Friday FO
Each week I posted at least 2 of my 3 weekly posts.

4.  Teach a crochet class
No progress yet.

5.  Send all birthday gifts on time
Um...yeah.  I have one birthday I have to deal with in January, and it always sneaks up and surprises me.  Always.  No matter how prepared I am in advance, I am still surprised when the date suddenly arrives.  Needless to say, the gift was late :)

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