Thursday, October 11, 2012

Summer Crafting: City Girl and a Lesson in Gauge

All last winter I really wanted a hat to go with my new coat.  My husband was not happy with any of the hats I already owned because they did not match my awesome red shoes that I wear almost all winter long, so I decided to make myself a nice red hat.

Pattern:  City Girl
Hook Size:  Too big :(
I really like this pattern, especially the pattern that the post double crochet stitches create.  
I think I learned a valuable lesson about checking gauge for crochet projects.  I have never checked gauge for a crochet project, but I often do with knitting projects.  This hat works well if I slouch a lot of the hat to the back of my head, but as you can see, the hat is actually big enough to cover my entire head!   It's huge!  Oh well, I will probably still wear it this winter :)

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