Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Hats

A friend of mine has a six-month-old baby girl, Madison.  She found a picture on Pinterest of a baby in a cute newsboy hat and asked me if I could make something similar.  I searched for some patterns, my friend bought some yarn she liked, and here is what we ended up with: pure cuteness.

Pattern:  Cheri hat
Size Made:  6-12 months
Hook Size:  G, H
The flower was made using a Zinnia pattern that I found at
I had a bunch of extra yarn, so I decided to make another hat.  I couldn't help myself :)
Pattern:  Owl Hat
Size Made:  6-12 months
Hook Size:  H
These hats were so quick and satifying (and cute).  I think I may be addicted to making baby hats :)

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