Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spinning Plarn

This summer, I started working on some plarn. I began with a large sheet of painter's plastic that I got on Craigslist. I cleaned and dried it (you can see it drying on the clothesline here). Later in the summer, I cut the plastic into strips. I have temporarily lost the pictures, but hope to find them and post them here soon. Anyway, today I started thinking about the large ball of plastic strips that I had just sitting in my craft room and decided to do something about it. I searched online for information about handspinning yarn and ended up making a drop spindle out of junk I found around my house. It's made from a towel rod, a lid from a cheese dip jar and a cup hook. Here it is with my first attempt at spinning my plarn. I think it's working pretty well.

1 comment:

Amy Jo said...

Too weird! I was just thinking about your plastic washing-drying pictures the other day.
Good luck and keep posting :)