Saturday, June 27, 2009

Plarn Plans

A while ago, I got some large sheets of plastic tarping free on Craigslist. They had been used while the previous owners painted their house. I planned to make some plarn with the plastic and knit/crochet it to my heart's content. I also found a cool tutorial online about how to make fused plastic and use it as a fabric (I will have to look for it again and will post a link when I do). However, it needed some cleaning first. So yesterday, I cut the plastic into manageable sheets and scrubbed it clean. Then I hung it on my line to dry. It scared all the birds away :)
Now, I am trying to decide what the best way to cut it into knittable strips might be. Anyone got a suggestion or a link to a tute?

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Brandy said...

I am not sure, but I would try a rotary cutter, and just make long strips, but not cut all the way to the end.. I am assuming they are squares or rectangles, so I would start at the right bottom and if I wanted 1/2" strips, I would start cutting 1/2" up from the bottom, go until 1/2" from the left edge and stop. Then 1/2 inch above that start from the left edge, go until 1/2" short of the right edge and stop. You get a sort of zigzag pattern, and you don't have to tie knots or fuse so many ends this way. You could also spiral around from the outside in..