Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Frog 2

Just a couple of days ago, I finished knitting the frog. I think that the head was the most difficult part to figure out. I could not figure out what shape to use for the head. I settled on a shape with two eyes bulging from the top of his head. I will finish them with white and black circles to make them really look like eyes.

The head, arms and legs were all knit flat and then sewed together. The body I knit in the round on dpns.

Now the whole thing gets felted, then stuffed when he is dry. I am pretty happy with how he looks so far.

Meanwhile I have started a new project. I got a great deal on some ribbon yarn, which I have never knit with before. I found a book at the library all about knitting with ribbon yarn and chose a cute purse pattern. I am modifying the design just a little. The original design calls for beads that are knitted in the purse in a geometric pattern. I have decided to leave those out and add some beaded embellishment after the purse is completed. Here is a picture of how the knitting is progressing. I really like how the colors are coming out in the ribbon yarn. Its actually really fun to knit with.

I am looking forward to the finished purse.

Since the frog is ready for felting, this will be a felting weekend. I have a number of projects just waiting for felting day to arrive. I love felting, and I am excited to see how it all turns out. :)

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