Friday, April 25, 2008

The Frog

Well, here it is. I took some pictures of the frog in progress.

These are all the parts I have finished. The arms are already attached to the body. One leg is completely finished; the other is still in progress.

I think the body looks kinda fat. It might look better felted. I'm still not sure about that part. I will decide once the whole frog is together.
He still needs a head obviously. That will be the last part.

Here is another shot of the body and arms. You can see how fat it is. It looks like he has a big butt. By the way, I guess I have decided that my frog is a boy frog.

Here is a shot of the finished leg. You can sorta see my attempt at knitting a knee joint.

This frog is a total experiment. Before this I knit two other stuffed animals. One was a cat toy for my cat....pretty easy stuff. The second was a teddy bear, and I used a pattern I found online. It turned out really cute. Somehow I decided that that was enough to qualify me to design my own stuffed frog. I hope it works.

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