Thursday, April 24, 2008

My first blog

This is my first blog. I wanted a place where I can share my various creations with friends and strangers around the world. I knit, I bead, and occassionally I sew. Accessories are my passion.

I guess I have been knitting since the second grade. I grew up in Ireland and learned to knit at school. But I stopped knitting for many years and only recently picked up my knitting needles again. Now I am addicted. I remember in fifth grade I knit a sweater with pretty cables going down the sleeves. Now I am nervous to even try knitting a cable, but I did receive the Vogue Stitchionary Cable volume for Christmas, and I am eager to test it out. I'm sure I'll let you know how that turns out when I try. Right now I am attempting to knit a stuffed frog...because I had a lot of green yarn :) Pictures will follow.

I have also been beading for many years....since high school. I love bead weaving of every kind. The smaller the beads, the happier I am :) If I ever lose my eyesight, I might go insane. Recently, however, my knitting has taken over. Knitting is a lot more portable than teeny tiny seed bead projects....and I am a lot less likely to lose a ball of yarn.

I do some macrame and some sewing, although I don't have a sewing machine right now, which frustrates me often. I have started to really like working with sculpey clay. I'd like to learn more. I am always looking for a new way to use my creativity. And that is me and my crafts in a nutshell.

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