Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ribbon Yarn Purse is Complete :)

Ta Da!! I finished my ribbon yarn purse. It was knit in Lion Brand Incredible ribbon yarn. The color is Autumn Leaves. I like the color a lot and I like how the purse knit. The pattern was really easy to follow and it was easy to shape. I got it from the book Knitting with Ribbon Yarn by Tracy Chapman.

I used different size needles than the pattern called for. I used size 8 and 10 aluminum needles. There is something about metal needles that I really like. I think it is because I used them when I was younger.
I'm not sure that I like the twisted cord handles on the purse. They seem wimpy for the purse. If I ever knit this style again, I would change the handles to something more substantial.

This is a fun book...some really fun accessory projects. There is a cool flower pattern pillow I would like to try sometime. And, surprisingly, ribbon yarn was fun and easy to knit with (I was not expecting that).

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