Friday, June 17, 2016

FO: Earbud Cozy

Pattern:  Easy Listening Earbud Covers
Yarn:  Rainbow-colored thread
Hook:  1.65mm steel hook (#7)

My husband and I recently bought new earbuds.  We both bought the same earbuds, same color, same style.  The thing is I get weird about putting other people's earbuds in my ears, so I needed to find a way to differentiate mine from his.  This pattern helped solve my little problem, and it couldn't have been easier!
To make my earbuds even more user friendly, I added green thread to the rainbow on the left earbud and purple thread to the rainbow on the right earbud.  I love them!
 Have you ever made an earbud cozy?  What do you think?


Natalie Buehler said...

Those are soooo cool!
Thanks for joining in the FO Friday Fun, it was great to have you over.

Loca4crafts said...

Thanks for hosting.