Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Peek in My Sketchbook - Link-up #3

This week I created two pages in my sketchbook/art journal.  The first page was experimenting with some zentangles.  I tried a couple of audio zentangle meditations from ha! designs and then I added a little Betweed in the corner.
I made the second page to commemorate my time at the Oregon Country Fair this summer.  I started by collaging with parts of the program from the festival.  I added a chair and painted yellow to represent light shining down on it because we had a funny encounter with a chair under a spotlight this year.  I also added some phrases/events I want to remember and highlighted with yellow paint.
I'm happy with both of my pages this week, although I do think that I misunderstood the directions in one of the audio meditations.  Oh well.

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