Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Peek in My Sketchbook - Link-Up #2

This week, I created three new pages.  For the first page, I collaged with some pages from an old book first.  Then I outlined some words/phrases that I liked.  I went back through the page and outlined a few more words/phrases to help the words flow together a little better.  Then I drew an image around those words.  I used my Chartpak Admarkers.  It's more like using paint than markers.  I definitely still have a lot to learn about how to use these markers effectively, but I am having a lot of fun experimenting with them.
 My second page also involves a little collage.  This page is to commemorate a wedding I attended this summer.   Two of my good friends got married.  Their wedding is featured on the Bummed Bride blog.  They chose a handfasting ceremony where their hands were bound together with a cord as they said their vows.  I wanted to represent this in my page, so I found a picture of two people holding hands in a magazine and glued it down on my page.  Then I sewed embroidery thread around the hands to simulate the handfasting ceremony.  The background for this page is an info sheet about handfasting and the seating cards for me and my husband.  I outlined the description of the colors used in the cords, added some green and purple paint and drew in some details that remind me of their wedding.  I am really happy with this page.
 This final image is a little bit blurry, unfortunately.  This page was created in response to the Diva's challenge for last week:  Use c and s curves.  I chose to use c curves and tried this fun idea that I found on the challenge's inspiration Pinterest board.  I colored using crayons, which was super fun.  I pulled out all the blue and green crayons in my box and used them in random order.  So many pretty colors.
What have you been creating this week?

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