Monday, May 16, 2011

And it goes round and round...

In December I started a sweater, the swirl. I entered it in a WIP challenge this April to try to finish it up, and I failed miserably :( This afternoon, before yoga class, I finally completed all four wedges, pinned it together and ran to the mirror to try it on.
Surprise, surprise, it is too small. I have to admit that I had my suspicions. Every time I picked it up to work on it, I thought to myselft, "Wow, this looks kinda small." But did that stop me? Of course not. I prefer "delusional thoughts from Fantasy Island." Oh well. Tonight I will be doing a little frogging, so I can add more rounds to the spiral. Then I can start the wedges again and hopefully be more realistic about my size as it compares to the size of the sweater.

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