Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pretty in Pink Headband

A few weeks ago, I finally got tired of my hair falling in my eyes during yoga class every time I did a forward bend. I began to search wildly for a headband, but could not find one anywhere. Obviously, it was time for me to make myself a headband. I found this pattern online(Ravelry link), pulled out some coordinating embroidery floss and my tiny crochet hook and off I went. It took me a little longer than it should have, because my finger is still stiff from my surgery last summer, but it turned out great.
Modifications: I did one less repeat of the pattern and added scallops to the flat side. I also crocheted the straps directly to the pattern band, instead of making them separately and attaching. Color changes were made as each hank of floss ran out :)
The headband works really well for yoga class, and I think I might even wear it out and about sometimes. I think if I were to make the pattern again, I would do one repeat of the pattern, then turn around and do the second repeat on the flat side, so it would be more symmetrical.

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I'm soo jealous!!!!!!!

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