Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Market Bag Update

Well, I have been making good progress on my market bag. Here is the body of the bag. Now all that is left is to crochet the handles.

Unfortunately, my supply of yarn has dwindled to this small little ball.
I was hoping that I would not have to tackle the untangling of the last part of the sweater. I started unraveling it in the dark and made a real mess of things. Note to self: playing with yarn around a campfire is not a good idea, for a number of reasons.
But I did it. I untangled that mess of yarn and now I have enough to complete the market bag.
I started the handle last night, and I love it so much, I might want to make it into a purse instead of a market bag. All it will take is some lining and a closure.

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