Sunday, July 19, 2009

Golf Club Cover

I've been waiting to post this because it was a surprise. My mom asked if I could knit her a cover for her putter. I wanted to make her one to match her golf clubs, but I didn't have the right yarn, so I decided to knit in the colors of her favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. I found a pattern on Ravelry (there were actually a number of free patterns). The pattern called for duplicate stitching an initial on the cover. There were charts provided, but none of them worked for what I wanted to do, since I wanted the Packers' logo, so I charted the design myself. It was really quite easy. I printed the logo. I then taped the logo to a window and taped graph paper over it. With the light coming through the papers, I could easily trace the logo onto the graph paper and chart it. Here is the G. It was my first time doing duplicate stitch.
I completed the duplicate stitch while the golf club cover was still on the knitting needle (size 5, by the way), even though the pattern stated that you should pull the yarn through all the stitches and gather the top of the cover first. I thought it would be easier to do if the cover was lying flat, especially since I had never tried it before. Here is what the back looks like.

Another new thing for me was making a pom pom. There are many sites on the web that explain different easy ways to make a pom pom. I always thought that you had to cut out one of those cardboard donuts, but I found out that you don't. I just wrapped the yarn around a coaster a bunch of times. Then I carefully slid the yarn off the coaster and tied another piece of yarn around the middle of my yarn loop. This holds the center of the pom pom together and works well for attaching the pom pom to the finished project. Then I had to cut the ends of the yarn loop, fluff, and voila a pom pom. I'm not sure if that description made any sense at all. Some day, I will have to do it again and take pictures of the steps as I go. It's really big and floppy. I think it's very "golfy".
Finally, here is the completed golf club cover. I put a wooden spoon in it so it would stand up straight for the photo. Isn't it pretty??


July 19, 2009 said...

We need to hang out. I would love to be able to put letters into the hats I make for kids. You can also make pom poms by simply wrapping the yarn around your fingers and then tying in the middle :)

Good work on the fancy golf club cover, you are very talented!

Loca4crafts said...

Thanks. We should hang out. That would be fun. I can definitely show you how to put letters on your hats.