Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

I finished the fourth book of the Twilight series yesterday, and I have to say that this series consumed me. While I was reading if, it took over my brain. It's not that the plot is amazing. It is actually quite predictable, but there is something about these books. Maybe it's the characters. I'm not quite sure.

I am very partial to vampire stories, but these books are not my favorite in the vampire genre. Stephenie Meyer plays with the traditional vampire myths in a way that I did not particularly like. I like the idea of vampires burning in sunlight and staying out at night mostly. In her books, they do not burn in sunlight, they shine and glisten. Annoying. Also the whole pregnancy thing still bothers me. How can an undead vampire have viable sperm??

On another note, the main couple in the book, Bella and Edward, bother me also. She has no self-confidence and blames herself for everything. She is not a role model I would choose for teenage girls. Edward is overly protective, almost to the point of being a stalker. This is not the type of boyfriend that teenagers to hope to be or find. Plus they fall in love way too quickly!

I started reading these books because I wanted to see why so many teenagers (even the ones who never read for fun) are suddenly reading all Twilight, all the time. There is something compelling about the story, but I worry that these teens could be getting a false impression of what love is. I would recommend the books, because they are entertaining. Just be aware, they may also be extremely frustrating.

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