Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Well, here are my resolutions from last year. I don't think I did very well :(

1. Knit a sweater. Fail. I did not knit a sweater. Again. That's two years in a row. I have, however, started crocheting a sweater this year, the swirl. Hopefully, this will be the year of the sweater.

2. Continue working on my diet and exercise routine. Fail. My husband and I had a difficult time with this one last year. We moved in December of 2009 and hubby threw out his back. It was really bad for months, so we stopped exercising. I had to stop too, so he wouldn't feel bad :) Since we were not exercising, it seemed silly to diet. Then I had my big MRSA thing this summer, and that stopped us again. Overall I gained back all the weight I had originally lost plus a few extra pounds. Major fail.

3. Continue working on my craft business. Fail. I bought a display case on Craigslist and started working on some jewelry displays. I will post pictures soon. Promise.

4. Try some new crafts, like fimo canes. Fail. I didn't really try anything new this year. I could blame the MRSA again, but I feel like I may be overusing that excuse :)

5. Write a novel in a month. I did start my novel, and in the month of November I wrote 12,000 words as a NaNoWriMo participant. I plan to keep working on the novel and to participate again this year. It was so much fun!

6. Do some charity knitting. Fail. Absolutely no charity knitting occurred.

7. Enjoy my life. I think I may have put this one in there so that I would have at least one resolution I could keep. I had a realy fun year, even though there was a lot of craziness. I have been working on my new house, I went to Oregon Country Fair and a few other shows, and have great friends and family. You can check it all out here.

8. Keep reading and keep a list of what I read. Yay, another one I accomplished, although I was disappointed with the number of books I read. You can see my list here.

Resolutions for 2011
1. Complete a sweater
2. Read more than 33 books
3. Keep my craft room organized
4. Get my craft business going
5. Stick with my diet and exercise
6. Enjoy life everyday

Let's see how well I do this year :)


colby, meredith, and caden said...

I think you read quite a few books! Happy New Year!

Soo funny I had to share. said...

I love your post!

Miss you!

I have never made a new years resolution. I almost thought about it this year, but naaaa, I like to set REALLY easy goals so I feel successful.

SO LAME!!!!!