Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Craft Fair :)

I have been busy lately, building up my stock for my first craft fair. It took place on Labor Day weekend at Edgewater Resort and Marina on Foster Lake. It rained all weekend.
I was extremely cold, but that just gave me a reason to show off one of my cool hand-knit scarves. It also helped me to sell a scarf, which I did not get a photo of.

This was the view across the lake from the booth. I did not have a canopy, but luckily the people running the event did have an extra. Unfortunately, I ended up sharing it with another crafter. It was a little crowded.
Here is a view of my table on one half of the booth.
My scarves and stuffed animals.

More jewelry

Check out the record bowls that my honey made.
I ended up breaking even on the cost of the booth and the gas to get there. I was just glad that I was able to break even, considering it was raining all weekend. I definitely want to do it again :)

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