Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I-Pod Sleeves

So, I was looking through some old photos on the computer, and I found these. Thought I would share them.

I knit these I-Pod covers around Christmas 2007. The pink one is a pig (believe it or not :) ). I knit it with pink acrylic yarn as part of my sister's Christmas gift. She collects pig-related things, and I love to find the strangest pig-related gifts I can. For her last birthday, I knit her a pig washcloth, and a few years ago I found a candy dish of a pig with wings. Anyway, the I-Pod cover I knit in the round and added the features later. It even has a little curly tail on the back. Too cute, I know :)

The orange I-Pod cover I knit just for fun from some leftover yarn. Its a thick and thin wool in orange and purple. I really like it. I also knit a felted purse with this yarn.....I'll post it sometime soon. The I-Pod cover was an experiment to see if I could create openings for the screen and the controls. It worked out pretty well. I do wish the openings were a little bigger, but the funny thing is.....my fiance started using it on his I-Pod, and he loves it. He loves how the wool is so thick it actually offers some protection if the I-Pod is dropped. Its like a padded case. It has not left his I-Pod since I knit it :)

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