Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly WIPs: Crocodile, Feather and Fans

Even though these are not FOs, I am still linking up with Tami today :)

Pattern:  My own - Feather and Fan Cowl
Yarn:  Random 70's looking acrylic
Needles:  Size 11

I needed an easy travel project since my crocodile stitch shawl is getting a little too big to throw in my purse.  I also needed a break from the shawl occasionally, so I started a cowl.  I am knitting it flat in one of my favorite stitches, feather and fan, over a multiple of 24 stitches. I think it looks good so far.
 Pattern:  Triangular Crocodile Stitch Shawl
Yarn:  unknown natural fiber
Hook:  I
This shawl is so much fun.  I am unsure how big to make it, as I am sure it will need some serious blocking and will grow in size.  I have been thinking about blocking what I currently have just to see how large it really is, but I am feeling so unsure.  The color is not clear in this picture, but it's tweedy green color with flecks of red and white.  I love it so far.
What have you been making this week? What do you think about blocking a project before it is complete?