Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Polymer Clay Cane :(

I recently started playing with my Sculpey polymer clay. I thought it would be good strengthening exercise for my finger. Well, playing with it was not enough, so I had to try making something.

And so I made a really bad heart and surounded it with purple. I think I had Valentine's Day crafts on my mind or something.
I proceeded to roll it out into a long cane, and voila...I give you the misshapen heart cane.
Not sure what i will use it for yet, but I will use it for something. It's kind of a neat shape, even if it's not very heartlike anymore :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Buddha Necklace (100th post)

I made this necklace about 2 months ago and just never got around to posting it until now. My hubby wanted a necklace and could never find the right one. He knew he wanted semi-precious gemstones, so I showed him all the gemstone beads I have, and he picked out his favorites. He chose cube-shaped lapis lazuli, jasper, labradorite, blue goldstone, 2 triangular garnet beads and a carnelian Buddha. I spaced the beads with gunpowder colored seed beads and strung them all on beading wire. I love how it turned out, and he wears it a lot.

Here is a closeup of the Buddha. You can see how sparkly the blue goldstone is. It's a manmade stone, but I love it so much.
Can you believe that after more than two years, I have finally made it to my 100th post. Now that is exciting :)